About me

Hi you! Thanks for dropping by. I am Chidambaram Natarajan from Tamil Nadu, India. From a younger age, I had a great aspiration for writing and personal development. I read a lot of books and articles on the web, listen to podcasts and even watch YouTube videos in the personal development genre. Having done this all these years, I thought I had something that I should share with this world. This blog is the result. Here I will share with you my daily inspiration, summaries of self-development TED talks, Podcasts and Books, and much more. This blog and I are a work in progress and I don’t claim to have known everything about personal psychology. The contents that I share here are my personal insights that had a positive impact on my life. I hope these insights are useful to you as well. If it does, let me know. If it doesn’t, just ignore it.

Being late or early doesn’t matter as long as you show up. Don’t worry where you are, you can always become better at life and work. Start today for a better tomorrow!